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We specialize in GPS-guided mobile Web applications. We also provide consulting services for other social and mobile types of applications.


TrailSet, our main product, is for organizations that manage points of interest and tour information. Customers use a Web service to easily keep information up-to-date. Users access tour information on computers and mobile devices including iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7, and share their favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

TrailSet helps organizations that information about their points of interest, trails, and tours. It is 100% Web based for customers and their end users.

Customers can have there information accessible by users in just a few days, and easily keep it up-to-date with frequent changes. There is nothing to buy or install: the service is subscription based making it available to even small organizations. TrailSet is perfect for walking and biking trails, home and art tours, campuses, parks, outdoor museums, and many other tours.

The administrator interface makes this easy and quick to do for the organization.

End users access the point and tour information using a Web application that runs on computers and mobile devices including iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7. Users can save their favorite points of interest and create their own tours. Their points and tours can be shared using Facebook. Twitter, email, text messaging and other social networks. There are no native phone apps for users to download and update: the Web app always offers the latest information and features.

The desktop Web app provides extensive map viewing and planning features.

The mobile Web app provides information in the way that is most easily used by the end user taking a tour.

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